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Chimney FAQs

(Q,) Why do I need my chimney sweep to be a California State Licensed Contractor?

First of all, being a licensed contractor is a true sign of professionalism. Secondly, any work performed by your chimney sweep that may exceed $500, can only be performed legally by a state licensed contractor. Thirdly, all contractors are required to carry a bond for protection of the consumer.

My fireplace smokes and I have black stains surrounding the opening. Should I install gas logs?

(A,) No, if your fireplace will not vent smoke that you can both see and smell, it also will not vent the byproducts of gas, namely carbon monoxide poison. We strongly suggest a level II inspection be performed and address the reason or reasons for the malfunction.

(Q,) If I’m selling my home, do I have to have a chimney inspection in addition to my home inspection?

(A,) Yes, the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA-211 standard for solid fuel (wood) burning appliances requires a level II inspection at the sale or transfer of property. We offer a level II inspection that includes video scanning the flue and many inaccessible areas of the system. We combine a narrative written report with color photos to illustrate our findings.

(Q,) If I had a chimney fire, is all of the creosote burned out?

(A,) No, Creosote will usually expand when it burns, many times choking off the flue with debris. If the system is used prior to sweeping and inspection, you increase the possibility of something really unpleasant happening.